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      Hello everyone! I’m Helen Shepard and I just moved to Richmond and started working with Progress Physical Therapy. I’m one of the OCS residents and my mentor is Myra. I graduated from the University of the Pacific in California and I’ve been practicing for two years now. I originally practiced at an outpatient clinic in Charlottesville prior to moving to Richmond, and I was the primary physical therapist for the Charlottesville Ballet. I am dry needling certified and have a special interests in working with athletes of all kinds, though CrossFit athletes have a special place in my heart! I’m really excited to get get started with the course series to nail down some manual therapy techniques and be inspired by the more experienced PTs who are involved with the program. I look forward to meeting y’all!

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      Hi! My name is Anna Wilson and I just graduated from Shenandoah University in August. I am a VOMPTI resident at the UVA clinic. I really enjoy getting to work with athletes and helping prepare them for return to sport. My pipe dream PT job would be to work for a few years for a premiere league team (especially Manchester City), a NWSL team, or the USWNT. I am excited for the course series and am looking forward to learning and reviewing concepts and techniques, learning from more experienced clinicians, and taking advantage of the insight everyone has to offer.

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      Hey everyone, my name is Sara Walker and I am an alumni of Shenandoah’s PT program. I have now been practicing for 2 years and am currently working at Advantage Physical Therapy in Gainesville, VA. When I came out of school I took my first job in outpatient neuro but after 9 months out of of the ortho world I desperately missed the hands on care. I’m looking forward to starting this course for a refresher with the manual techniques and further develop my clinical reasoning!

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      Mohammad Wahdan

      Hello, my name is Mohammad Wahdan I graduated from Marymount University in Arlington VA. I have been practicing for 3 years and am currently working at Phoenix Rehab in Vienna VA. I started off working in acute care however after about a year I decided to transition to outpatient orthopedics. I’m looking forward to this course to help further develop and improve my manual therapy skills and clinical reasoning.

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      Hey, guys! My name is Taylor Blattenberger and I am a VOMPTI resident currently working at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital in Woodstock, VA. I graduated from Shenandoah University in 2018 and spent my first year out of school working in a private OP ortho clinic. Like many of you have already mentioned, I am looking forward to improving my clinical reasoning and critical thinking in my practice. I am also looking forward to working with and learning from all of you! See you all soon!

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      Brandon Wenger

      Hey, everyone! My name is Brandon Wenger. I graduated from Marymount University in 2018 and have just finished my first year in the clinic. I currently work at Performance Physical Therapy in Chantilly, VA. The clinic I work in is an outpatient Ortho clinic, but am able to get a variety of patient cases. I really enjoy working with sports athletes and those looking to get more active. I am looking forward to this course and improving my overall skills and techniques in order to improve the quality of care I can provide. Looking forward to meeting and learning from all of you!

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      Moonhee Jo

      Hi, everyone! My name is Moonhee Jo. I’m graduated from a PT school in my country back in 2007 ( Korea ), passed NPTE in 2009 and came to the U.S. in 2010. I finished my tDPT in 2012 from Dominican college in NY state. I currently work at my own small out patient based PT office in Woodbridge VA. I am looking forward to refresh, update and review my overall skills or evidences through this courses. I’m exited see you all soon.

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      Caitlyn Kost

      Hi everyone! My name is Caitlyn Kost, and I am an alumni of Shenandoah University. I have been practicing for just over a year, and I work at Virginia Therapy and Fitness Center in Reston VA. As a clinic, we predominantly treat neck and low back pain, but will also see athletes, geriatric patients, teens, etc. I am looking forward to improving my extremity manual therapy techniques and clinical reasoning skills through the course!

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      Jeffrey Tsai

      Hey everyone, My name is Jeff Tsai. I graduated from Marymount University last year and have been working in outpatient ortho at Fair Oaks Orthopaedic Associates every since. I work with a lot of Post-op patients but will see a variety of of non-surgical ones from teens to the geriatric population. I’m hoping to improve my manual skills and clinical reasoning over the next 6 months. Look forward to meeting everyone!

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      Reid Moseley

      Hello everyone. My name is Reid Moseley. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2018 and I have been practicing in Charlottesville, VA at Move Better Physical Therapy for about 16 months. I currently work with patients of all ages and orthopedic conditions, including post op and non post op. I’m especially interested in working with more active populations, including high school athletes, fitness athletes and runners. Over the next 6 months, I am hoping to learn new manual techniques, improve old ones and sharpen clinical reasoning skills.

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      Carmela Tiongco

      Hi to all. My name is carmela and have been practicing in an OPPT hospital for a while now in MD. Did my tdpt at EIM in 2016. In regards to my goals for this course series, i’m hoping to enhance on critical thinking and updates on manual techniques. Looking forward to learning from the group.

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      Claire Guida

      Hello Everyone. My name is Claire Guida. I’ve been working in OPPT in Winchester VA at WOA PT for 11 years. I see people from the age of 14 up to 96 y/o, primarily for orthopedic issues. We also treat Balance, Neuro, & Vestibular Issues as well. Previously, I worked in Acute Care for 7 yrs at WMC. I worked in OP PT/Industrial Rehab in Southern VA my first year out of school. I graduated from Ithaca College in 1999. I’m hoping to improve and update my knowledge of evidenced based practice and hone my manual skills. Most of my fellow clinicians in our office have taken VOMPTI, so I’m hoping it will help with the continuity of care in our clinic as well.

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      Nicholas Grillo

      Hello everyone. My name is Nick Grillo and I am a PT for BioMechanic Physical Therapy in Lansdowne, VA. I graduated from PT school at Boston University and have been practicing for over five years, all in outpatient Ortho. I am hoping to continue to further my manual therapy skills as well as my clinical reasoning across all body parts. I most certainly have aspirations of taking the OCS in the future and have heard only amazing things about the VOMPTI courses. I look forward to meeting all of you and sharing the next six months ahead.

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      Derek Xie

      Hi all. My name is Derek Xie. I work for MedStar NRH in Baltimore, MD. I graduated from Marymount Univeristy Aug 2018. I have been practicing for almost one year. I am in an outpatient orthopedic setting that has a combination of athletes and general ortho. I enjoy working with patients that span from athletes to the typical TKA. I am looking forward to VOMPTI to further advance my clinical reasoning and manual therapy techniques. Looking forward to meet everyone this weekend!

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      Hey everyone, my name is Brandon Reynolds and I am currently a VOMPTI resident working at Pivot Physical Therapy in Richmond and mentoring with Dr. Kelley at Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services in Goochland, Virginia. I have been working for a year at Pivot in a general outpatient orthopedic clinic seeing various diagnoses. I graduated from Lynchburg College in May of 2018. I enjoy working with a variety of populations but favor working with the athletic population. My goal for this course is to become a more well-rounded clinician allowing me to utilize the skills gained through residency in a more comprehensive and efficient manner. I look forward to meeting everyone this weekend

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      Hey y’all, my name is Lauren Carroll and I am currently a VOMPTI resident at the UVA clinic in Charlottesville, VA. I just graduated back in August from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas so this is my first “real” job. I love working with the athletic population, whether it’s the big time athlete or the weekend warriors, and just being able to help them get back to what they love. I’m really looking forward to improving my manual skills and my clinical reasoning with these courses, as well as learning from such knowledgeable PTs. Looking forward to meeting y’all this weekend!

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      Barbara Semple

      Hi everyone! My name is Barbara Semple and I work at the Jackson Clinics in Lorton, VA. I’ve practiced outpatient orthopedic and sports rehab for my whole PT career. I look forward to advancing my clinical reasoning and clinical decision making skills, while also improving my manual skills. Excited to meet everyone and spend time over the next few months working together!

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      Nathan Swarringim

      Hello all,

      My name is Nate Swarringim I started my career as a PT June 2018 in outpatient orthopedics, graduating from Old Dominion University. I have a strong interest in sports medicine hoping to lean that way in the future. I utilize manual skills consistently so hoping to learn to treat more specifically.

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      Erica Binzer

      Hi my name is Erica Binzer and I work at Move Better Physical Therapy in Charlottesville, VA. I graduated from PT school at Old Dominion Univeristy in 2018. I enjoy working with a variety of patient diagnosis in the outpatient setting. I look forward to learning new manual techniques and improving my clinical reasoning through this course.

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