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      Justin Pretlow

      See attached file

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      Katie Long

      Hi Justin, I just had a few questions regarding the provocation of his distal symptoms. It sounds like his left rotation and sideband are the strongest objective ROM asterisks you have as well as the ULTT for reproduction of local and upper trap symptoms respectively, but I am wondering if you were able to bring on his upper arm, elbow or forearm symptoms? Or if maybe his irritability prevented you from further provocation testing?

      Looking forward to hearing more this weekend!

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      Michael McMurray

      Tough case for MOI.
      Question: Any anti-inflammatories used?
      Seems as though possible cause of exceeding muscle/tissue capacity during his weekend physical activity (typical of “weekend warrior” type presentation.). Likely muscular and chemical response s/p that increased activity, with resulting “dysfunction” of cervical area joints. This chemical response likely affecting nerves at this time.

      I’d wonder if some anti-inflammatories and easy movement would simmer down the symptoms.

      *hope I’m using this forum discussion correctly in content and purpose.- see y’all this weekend*
      -Matt D

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