About Us

The Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Series was started in 2001 by Jim Beazell and Eric Magrum.  They noticed a need for a high quality and research driven continuing education course series focused on orthopedic manual physical therapy.  They filled that void by developing the course series.  Since its inception hundreds of PT’s have benefited from the education they received through the course series.

Jim and Eric recognized the need for an APTA credentialed orthopaedic residency program in Virginia and became the first program of its kind in Virginia in 2006.  A huge loss for the PT community occurred in 2011 when Jim passed away.  Click here to read the memoriam for Jim published in JMMT. 

In order to continue the vision of Jim to educate clinicians through a variety of educational opportunities, a group of clinicians came together to form the Virginia Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy Institute (VOMPTI).  This group of clinicians are all highly trained in orthopedic manual physical therapy (all are orthopedic clinical specialists and residency trained, 5 are fellowship trained) but come from various backgrounds and treatment approaches.  This  group is dedicated to continuing what Jim started by providing clinicians with advanced clinical skills with an emphasis on manual therapy and exercise in order to produce expert clinicians who are critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

James R. Beazell April 25, 1951-January 20, 2011   James R. Beazell
April 25, 1951-January 20, 2011