Print“…now that I am back to a more regular clinic life it is very plain how significantly residency, and in particular your mentorship, has helped me to become a better clinician and to provide higher quality care than I ever could have achieved on my own. While I personally experience a greater satisfaction in my work now than I ever have before, the people who truly benefited from my residency experience are my patients.” 2016-2017 Resident

Print“Enthusiastic presenters that are clearly experts in the field, approachable for questions, lots of lab time, lots of evidence, lots of perspectives, appropriate break times and humor throughout to keep things lively.” 2014 Participant

Print“The hands-on lab work was very beneficial. I felt there was plenty of time to practice and plenty of instructors walking around to help when questions about the techniques arose” 2013 Participant

“The instructors were excellent. The time they were able to spend working directly with us during the labs was very helpful. Also, the amount of material that was covered has already made me a better therapist and getting better results with my patients” 2013 Participant

Print“…very comprehensive and well-taught course; terrific instructors; strong lab component with adequate practice time; nice review of previous weekend course and techniques to practice and help reinforce material and techniques; very helpful to present material as part of case study to make more clinically relevant; all material supported with most current and highest level of evidence”  2014 Participant

Print“I really loved the way the class directed me with the evidence-based portion. I would not know where to begin with article selection and I feel you spoon-fed this to us, which was AWESOME.  The exam had a good amount of research based questions and for those who have been out of school longer might not remember how to interpret confidence intervals, how to calculate specificity and sensitivity in conjunction with their clinical relevance, etc.” J. Garza 2012

Print“…the amount of lab time available and the ratio of instructors to students were the strengths of these courses. I felt that someone was already around to answer questions on technique. Another strength is the articles that were provided throughout the course, it provided current research on topics and also demonstrated the proper way to use research to assist in treatment.”  2014 Participant

Print“Knowledgeable instructors and good ratio of instructors to students for lab.  Use of clinical reasoning form beneficial.  Good variety of topics covered”  2013 Participant

Print“The biggest benefits of the course series were the knowledge of the instructors, the manual skills of the instructors and the instruction of how to complete different techniques.”  Anonymous, 2012

Print“Great hands-on, practical info to take back and start using immediately on patients, good ratio of student:instructor and the latest evidence based info”  2013 Participant

Print“The wide variety of input from various fellow demonstrating minor difference in manual techniques.  The evidence based approach and how to obtain the best evidence out there”  2013 Participant

“Overall I thought it was an awesome class and I think it prepared me well to sit for the OCS but more importantly had me clinically reasoning more in depth in clinic.” D. Jayaseelan 2012

Print“Overall some of the best courses I have attended. Really found the diagnostic information the most helpful because most classes only cover treatment and gloss over diagnosis. The number of excellent instructors was great because there was always someone knowledgeable in lab to ask questions to which helped lab move quicker.”  2014 Participant

Print“The regional break downs were good and touched on all aspects (exam, eval, diagnosis, interventions, etc).  Good info on differential diagnosis, which is obviously important as the public is more aware of direct access to PT.  Questions on the exam will test your ability to practice within your scope.” J. Garza 2012

Print“I think that has helped with the way I approach evaluations, assessments and treatments as well as how I work with my current students.  Evidence based information was given and most importantly we were shown different ways to obtain current information (other than just reading our journals).”  Anonymous, 2012

“The time spent on manual skills and the availability of faculty for help when learning new skills were very beneficial.  The breadth of experience and not subscribing to one doctrine of how to do things made the course series valuable.” Anonymous, 2012

Print“The largest benefits of the course series were the focus on evidence based material as well as lot of lab time to practice the techniques.  I appreciated it when the instructors walked around the class providing feedback and answering questions.”  Anonymous, 2012

Print“I think the class prepared us well for the exam, it ends up covering so much info……thanks again for all your help over the past year.” B. Dinger 2012

Print“The instructor to student ratio, qualifications and knowledge of the faculty, and the fact that they were all very approachable and went out of the way to make sure we were comfortable with all of the techniques.”  Anonymous, 2012

Print“I particularly found the cervical spine portion to be helpful because there was a logical sequence for developing an organized exam, transition to treatment and in depth discussion of anatomy/biomechanics…” 2013 Participant

Print“Excellent teachers! Great Lectures! Amazing emphasis on the evidence (which we all need more of). You all did a good job of incorporating humor and videos into long lecture periods, which made it easier to concentrate during long lecture periods.”  2014 Participant