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    Aaron Hartstein

    Really awesome video by Peter O’Sullivan to follow-up some material covered in the Mark Jones- Clinical Reasoning course.

    Back pain – separating fact from fiction

    Also, if you’re not yet familiar with his website, take a look. It provides some really helpful resources.


    What do any of you guys think of this new approach to persistent low back pain? I’m pretty jealous of anyone getting to attend AAOMPT this year where he’ll be lecturing.

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    Kyle Feldman

    great read and video Stephanie
    I think it is very true that we have gone full circle around what to do for pain and movement.
    Finally people are learning that we need to get people to know the facts about the spine and that movement is good

    I will be sharing this with my patients

    I am also very pumped to be going to AAOMPT
    Hopefully his lecture is great

    Is anyone else attending AAOMPT? VOMPTI happy hour???

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