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      Aaron Hartstein

      At IFOMPT we heard Roger Kerry speak several times. He made some passionate statements about the direction of our evidence and satirically commented that the evidence based pyramid should be inverted where case reports may provide a better direction of “person” (not “patient”) centered-care. He commented on the common error in the way RCTs and thus systematic reviews are put together and how this does not really help our understanding. He stated that while there is considerably more evidence available now, the prevalence of conditions we treat and those with high costs of medical burden is no better – so are we any better at treating these conditions? He suggested the phrase “n = 1” (see AJ’s new shirt) where we likely have more effectiveness which is otherwise not captured. Check out this article from BMJ and also Roger Kerry’s blog here: https://rogerkerry.wordpress.com/

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      Kyle Feldman

      Great read
      I read an article this weekend about n=1 from a maitland article.
      Talks about the same concept of thinking outside of the box.

      I love how we are evolving and trying to find our own way to be the best

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