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      Michael McMurray

      Have a read – stick it in your library.
      Post some patient specific clinical thought/applicability from the article.

      Have a great weekend

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      Jennifer Boyle

      Hey Eric,
      I found this article to be very helpful being that I am currently treating a patient who may fit into the anterior nerve entrapment category. Specifically, I believe her
      femoral nerve is possibly being entrapped post anterior THA. She relieved this surgery over 4 months ago but is still having severe pain on the anterior aspect of her hip, groin and quadricep weakness. I have tried STM, nerve glides and dry needling to the ant thigh and this has all helped a small amount but she is still in a ton of pain. I think this article is going to help me offer additional patient education points because right now she is very confused as to why she is still in pain. In addition I am able to offer her education on possible surgical interventions (such as neurolysis and neuroectomy)so she is aware of all of her options moving forward.

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      Katie Long


      Thanks for this article. I think this was very helpful for me in considering differential diagnoses prior to the subjective history and can help me formulate more specific differential-based questions. I just saw a patient with medial groin and medial thigh pain last week, and after reading this article, I think I should have had a peripheral nerve entrapment on my differential list going into the subjective.

      I also think the way they broke up the possible areas of entrapment for each peripheral nerve was helpful. I don’t think I had considered the correlation between previous hamstring injuries in those with sciatic nerve complications, and that is likely a question I will ask in the future when I am suspicious of sciatic nerve compression in that region.

      The special tests that they listed with their metrics were exceptionally helpful as well. I also agree with Jen in that this article was helpful for patient education on conservative vs. surgical management of peripheral nerve entrapments so that patients are aware of the treatment options.

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      Tyler France

      Interesting read and definitely something I need to be more consistent with screening out in my patients with hip and thigh pain. I found the correlation between chronic proximal hamstring strains and sciatic nerve entrapment interesting. This is something to keep an eye out for in patients with persistent hamstring strains. Though I’ve only seen posterior nerve entrapments clinically, this article provided some helpful tools to keep other nerve entrapments on my radar. I thought the chart at the end with the various sites of entrapment for each nerve was very beneficial.

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