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      Eric Magrum
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      Michael McMurray

      ^Has a good list of special tests with descriptions on how to perform them and how sensitive/specific they are. Also references articles that talk about the tests themselves and mentions clusters of tests here and there. Very helpful in PT school with review before tests and practicals.


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      Jon Lester

      I agree with Kurt – was a great resource early on for quick reference of spec/sens of various tests. They also have videos of tests and techniques that I find useful for reference.

      I am a little biased, but I like to follow Eric Cressey’s content. He provides a considerable amount of references and recommendations for corrective exercises, movement eval techniques, and return to sport guidelines. He specializes in pitchers/shoulders mostly (works with a lot of MLB guys) but talks about other body regions in detail as well. He is not a PT, but graduated from my undergrad before going on to get his master’s with UCONN’s Kines program. Although he is not a PT, I can still take things from his blog/social media and apply it to my daily practice.

      I also follow a bunch of instagram pages that provide interesting eval and exercise ideas. A lot of the content is more creative exercise ideas in general, but they will occasionally discuss the research and current evidence, which is nice to see on social media. Here’s a few off the top of my head.
      – thestrengththerapist
      – prehabguys
      – barbellrehab
      – physicaltherapyresearch
      – VOMPTI (shameless plug)

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      Michael McMurray

      For those interested in running/working with runners, Christopher Johnson is an awesome person to follow. He is a PT based out of Seattle and teaches around the country. His business site is; you can also friend him on FB. He also has a group called the Runner’s Zone which does cost money annually to be a part of but it’s completely changed my practice – you get access to running gait analysis training, journal clubs, and a FB group with other practitioners where there’s a TON of information sharing going on.

      Also in the running PT world, on twitter: Rich Willey and Shefali Christopher. both are making interesting contributions to the literature. Jay Dicharry is another big name in running medicine – he’s written two books on strength training for runners. Both are geared towards the general population but they’re definitely worth reading if you feel like that part of your practice needs some new ideas.

      Also some other good podcasts:
      -BJSM (15-20mins, summary of the literature)
      -Mike Reinold
      -PT Inquest (usually an hour, it’s a journal club/paper discussion in podcast form)
      -Clinical Athlete Podcast (usually an hour, interview form, topics in sports medicine)

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